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Through years of experience in working with pregnant women I have found many expectant mothers have a desire and need for nutrition and fitness guidance during pregnancy and postpartum. It is a wide-spread misunderstanding that women who are pregnant should not consider being active and physically fit.  This is why I instruct a fitness class for pregnant and postpartum women called Dancing For Birth™.

Childbirth can be like a marathon and Dancing For Birth™ prenatal and postpartum fitness classes prepare you for the challenge. You’ll become stronger, more agile, more at ease with your body and both mentally and physically ready to embrace your unique birth experience. You’ll learn moves inspired by belly dance and fun interpretive movement. It’s a feel-good workout that challenges yet relaxes you! Moms also learn valuable childbirth preparation skills and natural coping techniques that will build their confidence in their own birthing ability.

Dancing for Birth Instructor session (copyright Dancing For Birth)

Dancing For Birth™ classes focus on teaching a woman how to remain active during her pregnancy, as well as how to use dance and movement to prepare her body for childbirth.  Women who remain active often have quicker, smoother and easier labors.  The classes are fun, energizing, and empowering!  For more information on DFB™ classes, dates and times, please contact me contactme@kamaladoula.com or 


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